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Melissa McCracken, Ph.D.

Nextech Invest Partner & K36 Board Member

Melissa McCracken, Ph.D., joined Nextech Invest Ltd. in 2019. Melissa is a scientist by training with a passion for emerging technologies in cancer therapies. Melissa is a board member of TYRA Biosciences (NASDAQ: TYRA), Alpha-9 and Ambagon Therapeutics, board observer of IconOVir Bio, and a previous board member of ImaginAb and board observer of Silverback Therapeutics. Melissa completed the Kauffman Fellowship in the class of 2022.

Prior to Nextech, Melissa was a senior associate at Third Rock Ventures focusing on scientific due diligence, partnership development and new company formation in oncology and immunology. Melissa helped build and launch Celsius Therapeutics, a company focused on discovering precision therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune. Melissa has also worked within larger biotech organizations completing multiple internships in research and development at Amgen (NASDAQ: AMGN).

Melissa holds a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology from University of California, Davis, a Ph.D. in molecular and medical pharmacology from University of California, Los Angeles with her research focused on engineered immunity for cancer. Melissa also completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University where her research focused on immuno-oncology.

Outside of Nextech, Melissa enjoys volunteering with youth organizations including Big Brother, Big Sister.

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